Hi! My name is Krystal Kofie Horhn I reside in Atlanta, GA. I have been in love with photography ever since I was 19 years old, when my mom bought me my first DSLR as I prepared for a study abroad trip to Argentina.   I loved capturing the culture and relationship between people during that trip and that love still drives all of my sessions today. I am married with two adorable children. In addition to formal training with the Showcase School of Photography I have learned a great deal from years of practice and great mentors! In addition to photography, I am also a School Social Worker for students in grades Kindergarten through High School.

My goal is to provide classic photographs that embody the heartfelt emotion of all of your precious family moments.  What I love most about being a photographer is the ability to capture a moment that might have been forgotten were it not for the photograph.  Through photography we can essentially freeze time, granting us the gift of reliving precious memories over and over again. My approach to photography is allowing real emotions to shine through so that your best days become timeless. I hope my photos bring joy and laughter to the world!  Email me at krystal@kkhorhn.com for booking or questions! Much Love :) -KK Horhn